Correct Toes® toe spacers


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Spread Your Toes 🙂

Correct Toes® help the foot rehabilitate from the negative effects of conventionally shaped footwear. The device, made of soft, flexible silicone, encourages the toes back into their natural alignment found at birth. With progressive and consistent use while active and weight bearing, toes align and feet strengthen, restoring your foot’s original position and function.

What Makes Correct Toes® Unique?

• Designed to restore original toe splay and alignment
• Made of durable and flexible medical-grade silicone
• Naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic
• Promotes balance and optimal foot and toe circulation

• Can be used in foot-shaped footwear for maximum corrective effect
• Easily modifiable for unique feet and toes
• Can be used on bare feet, over toes socks or in healthy footwear
• Is a reasonably-priced alternative to orthotics or surgery
• Designed to prevent or address many foot and toe problems