Compressport Proracing Armsleeve


  • Black
  • White
  • T1 (22-25)
  • T2 (25-28)
  • T3 (28-31)

Compressport ProRacing Armsleeves provide all of the performance & recovery benefits of compression while protecting you from the outside elements.

Highly technical, they are the must have arm garment accessory for any serious athlete.

The Compressport ProRacing Armsleeve will become your new ally for every ride or race. The progressive compression acts on both muscular zones of your arm. Improved venous return and shock absorption is guaranteed along the entire arm length. Blood circulation is improved, muscle vibration reduced, thus saving you energy.

Wearing your Proracing Armsleeves after exercising will improve your recovery by reducing muscle soreness and eliminating lactic acid.

The 360 degrees SEAMLESS construction will guarantee a perfect fit. The elbow area has a specific non-compressive fabric for enhanced comfort.

Coupled with this is the effective temperature regulation: The effect of sunlight can be very intensive and really heats up untreated dark apparel. Your performance capacity is seriously diminished because your body has to balance out the higher temperature.

Apparel with COLDBLACK® prevents the body and the clothes heating up and guarantees a UPF of at least 30. Whether running, hiking, or biking wearing your Proracing armsleeves is an easy way to regulate your arm/core temperature for any outdoor sport.

The SANITIZED® treatment will prevent growth of bacteria and thus eliminate any unpleasant odour.

They evacuate moisture extremely well so your foot stays cool and dry.