Forlle’d Hyalogy P-effect UV protector SPF 25 PA++



  • mineral protection against UVA and UVB
  • cell stimulation and hydration
  • antioxidant protection
  • prevention of formation and increase of pigmentation

Readings :

Sunbathing; protection after peels and other abrasive procedures, daily protection of the skin from excessive negative effects of sunlight in urban conditions. All skin types, including sensitive and allergic

Lightweight sunscreen with physical filters provides effective protection against UVA and UVB rays from the sun and the negative effects of the environment. Highly effective moisturizing and regenerating ingredients normalize skin regeneration and protect it from oxidative stress. The product prevents the appearance of new age spots, has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. Recommended for daily protection of any skin type, including very sensitive skin, as well as after chemical peels. The product is not comedogenic.

Application method:

  • Squeeze a small amount into the palm of your hand (no more than 0.4 ml)
  • Spread the product evenly over the face, including the periorbital area, neck and décolleté, so that an ultra-thin protective layer forms on the skin surface (including the periorbital area and the skin of the red border of the lips). Lightly pat the layer with your palms so that the sunscreen is evenly distributed over the skin. Never rub the emulsion into the skin! It should form a screen!

Home care:

Use daily in the morning before going outside. To determine the frequency of reapplication, use Fitzpatrick’s rule: multiply the phototype by the SPF value. The resulting figure shows how many minutes you can be in the active sun. To restore the protective layer, the emulsion can be applied directly to the already applied makeup layers.

After washing (bathing), always renew the sunscreen.

Packing: 30 ml