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One of the safest and most innovative refills on the market: using the tablet format together with this new patented wrapped protective fabric it increases the absorption speed, thus solving the problem a lotfaster. Thanks to the protective fabric you do not need to use gloves to handle the product and when the refill is done impurities get trapped inside.

Suitable for any moisture absorber on the market and any 20 sqm area. Exclusive wrapped tablet refill patented by Bolaseca.

How it works

This refill absorbs excess moisture turning it into liquid that falls into the lower container of the moisture absorbers. By absorbing excess moisture we can reach the optimal humid point between 50%-60%. It helps prevent all moisture-related problems such as bad smells, mold, mildew, allergies, stained walls, etc. This is an ecological way of solving this kind of problems since this moisture absorbers work without batteries or electricity.


Remove the cellophane from the tablet refill but DO NOT remove the micro-fiber covering from the tablet. Place the tablet on the moisture absorber. The tablet is now ready to begin absorbing moisture from the atmosphere. Thanks to our technology you will be able to see results in 12hours since the tablet will start working immediately turning excess moisture into liquid. When necessary, the liquid in the container can be poured off using the pails pour spout. Once the tabelt refill is used up, take the remaining micro-fiber cloth and replace with a new refill. Thanks to this micro-fiber cloth the mositure absorber will not get dirty with the residues from the refill and will be ready for use.


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